Strive for Change Foundation (formerly the 1200 Foundation) is a non-profit organization committed to supporting innovative local programs that help the working poor in the East Bay achieve economic self-sufficiency.

  • The Founder's Story

    "When I was small, my own family would have been labeled 'the working poor.' We lived in public housing in Richmond. My father worked in an "ice house" making ice. We had one used car that my father serviced and repaired himself. My mother stretched my father's small check as far as she could. She made shirts for me and skirts and blouses for my sisters. We rarely ate out."

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  • *United Way Self-Sufficiency Report, 2009

  • Achieving Change: The Strive for Change Foundation Story

  • East Bay Focus

    Poverty is not only pervasive around the globe but exists in the community around us. The Strive for Change Foundation offers an opportunity to help the working poor right here in the East Bay. We do the homework for you to find effective, local organizations that provide job training and skills to build futures. Learn more about the diverse organizations we support.
  • 100% of Donations

    One hundred percent of donations go directly to East Bay organizations that support the working poor. All operating expenses are covered by the Board of Directors so that every dollar you donate can go to people in need. Donate Today.

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