Supporting job-training programs in the East Bay for low-income workers with barriers to employment

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Strive for Change Foundation was founded in 2006 to help overcome poverty in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

We support innovative job-training programs that help ambitious low-income individuals get the job and life skills training they need to improve their career opportunities, earn a sustainable income and become financially self- sufficient.

All administrative costs and materials are paid for by our all-volunteer board. Every cent of donations goes directly to the groups we support.


Rubicon Programs

We provide pathways for our participants to develop the economic mobility to move out of poverty. No one service can address the many challenges people living in poverty face — we believe that success comes from participation and achievement in four areas... more

Cypress Mandela Center

The Cypress Mandela Training Center is a community based organization dedicated to improving the lives of the people it serves by providing pre-apprentice construction and life skills training along with employment assistance....


We Support Eleven Organizations

Despite the abundance of food and wealth in the Bay Area, 1 in 4 people in San Francisco are food insecure, many of them seniors and children. Food Shift discovers, demonstrates and shares creative and sustainable community approaches to addressing hunger ...more

Food Shift

The Strive For Change Foundation is currently supporting twelve organizations including The Bread Project, Cypress Mandela Center, Food Shift, Kitchen of Champions, Lao Family Community Development, Monument Impact, Opportunity Junction, Rising Sun Center for Opportunity, Rubicom Programs, skysthelimit,org, The Stride Center, Wardrobe for Opportunity.

A Remarkable Story of Change

News About Strive

Building Trades Help Build Lives
Opportunity Build, a program from the Rising Sun Center for Opportunity, is a certified Apprenticeship Readiness Program for low-income adults seeking to enter the union building trades... more

Remember Your First Job Interview?
Maybe a teacher, a family friend or a parent helped you set it up. Probably you had a resume, career goals, even a college degree. Certainly you had a clean shirt or blouse, appropriate pants or skirt, and clean shoes...more


Getting a Job During the Pandemic

Opportunity Junction is one of Strive for Change’s most effective and successful grantees. For twenty years...more

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Please call Miriam Mangini to arrange for a gift of stocks.  

She can be reached at 510-409-8444 or

Please call Miriam Mangini to arrange for a gift of stocks.  

She can be reached at 510-409-8444 or


Make a convenient, secure donation.

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Please call Miriam Mangini to arrange for a gift of stocks.  

She can be reached at 510-409-8444 or

Applying For A Grant

If your organization is interested in applying for a grant, contact

Our grant committee determines if a prospective program supports the foundation’s core goals. Next, we determine if  funding will make a significant difference to the program and will offer the best return on the foundation’s investment. Our due diligence process includes one or more site visits to the prospective grant recipients.  To monitor our grants, grant recipients are required to submit periodic reports. These reports, and our ongoing interaction with the recipients, make it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the funded programs.

Our Directors

Miriam Mangini - President and Treasurer

Maria Winston - Vice President

Megan Nakahara - Secretary

Cathie Geddes - Data Base Manager

Victoria Robinson Smith - Grants

Kevin McGourty - Webmaster

Andi Kosich - Grants

Norman Hersch - Board Member

About Us

Every cent that is donated to Strive For Change goes directly to the organizations we support. All costs of administration and materials are borne by our all-volunteer board.

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